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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size generator I need? Click to open.
We send a professional generator installer to your home to do a Free In-Home consultation to determine what size generator will match your needs.
Is it true that Big Home Improvement Stores can offer generators at a lower price then local dealers?
The answer is that that is absolutely false. It is an appearance of sales ads. Those big box stores have to retail Generac generators at a standard manufacturers retail price as determined by Generac. To have the generator installed and operating at your house are the costs they hide from you. TLB Electric matches their price for the generator and beats their install costs every time!
How much should I expect to spend on a solar PV installation?
There isn't a clear cut answer. There are always variables within the install to consider when pricing. But for a quick estimate on a typical install, the price will be between $3.50 - $5.50 per Watt.
How does a solar PV system work?
The solar array modules in your system will collect sunlight and from the sunlight it generates electricity in DC current. The DC voltage is similar to that of your car, not of your house. The electricity from the modules must go through an inverter to convert the power into AC. The power from the inverter is then sent into your service panel to feed back into the grid. The power company will have to provide you with a net-metering meter so that they can monitor how much power your system generates.
What is a level 2 charger (EVSE)?
A level 2 EVSE is a charger for electric vehicles that use 240 volts (household) power and charges your car in less then half of your 120 volt charger.